Christopher Eccleston Says He’s Really Enjoyed Returning To Doctor Who Universe

christopher eccleston doctor who

Something that Doctor Who fans thought would never happen actually came to pass recently, as Christopher Eccleston returned to play the Ninth Doctor in a new audio drama series. The boxset doesn’t come out until next spring, but the actor – who starred in the sci-fi show for just one season in 2005 – shared a selfie on social media that confirmed he’s begun recording. And it sounds like it’s gone well so far, too.

Eccleston appeared on the latest episode of The Big Finish Podcast this week and revealed that he “really enjoyed” playing the Ninth Doctor again and reconnecting with the character after a decade and a half.

“I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed playing him again. As I always said, he’s always a joy to play, somebody with that amount of optimism, enthusiasm and brains – and heart… two hearts!”

The podcast was hosted by Nicholas Briggs, most famous as the voice of the Daleks in the TV show, who also wrote the scripts for The Ninth Doctor Adventures audio series. Eccleston went on to thank Briggs for gifting him great material to work with for his grand return to the Whoniverse, saying:

“Thank you for the beautiful scripts. That’s what made it feel seamless. I felt that you’d understood what he was all those years ago – and so it was like putting on a pair of old shoes. Running shoes!”

The actor infamously distanced himself from the world of Doctor Who for many years, turning down the opportunity to don his leather jacket again for the 50th anniversary special back in 2013. Over time, though, he’s mellowed on the idea of reprising his beloved role and that culminated in him deciding to sign up for Big Finish – who also make audio dramas with David Tennant, Tom Baker and many others – earlier this year.

The Ninth Doctor Adventures, which will see the Doctor team up with a new companion, releases in May 2021. Meanwhile, this New Year’s Day, a character who first debuted in Eccleston’s era of the show, John Barrowman’s Captain Jack, returns to TV’s Doctor Who in special “Revolution of the Daleks.”