Chucky Will Have New Weapons And Targets In Child’s Play TV Show

Child's Play 2

Like any slasher saga, Child’s Play has never been short on gratuitous deaths, and for the upcoming TV show Chucky, franchise creator and showrunner Don Mancini has promised that the setting in which the killer doll finds himself will be a whole new arena of potential mayhem for him to unleash.

Speaking to Syfy Wire about what we can expect from the series, he had this to say:

“I think the prospect of seeing Chucky sharpen his skills and add to his toolbox, some of the technical goodies that we have at our disposal now, that’s something I think people will find pretty interesting. It’s so important to give Chucky new weapons, new strategies, and new targets, new goals.”

Exactly what these new weapons will consist of was not made clear, but you can rest assured they’ll be as inventive as we’ve come to expect of the series’ creative team. One of the hallmarks of the movies is Chucky (and occasionally others) using improvised weaponry, as many standard instruments of death aren’t much use for a three-foot doll. Some memorable demises over the years consist of the likes of nails being blasted into someone’s face by an airbag, decapitation by piano wire, being fried by an electroconvulsive therapy device, a face burned off with acid, being decapitated by the falling shards of a shattered glass ceiling, and an odd recurrence in several entries of using a nail file to slit someone’s throat.

The advancement of home gadgetry to make people’s lives easier would be a prime possibility, especially given the suburban setting of the series making the preponderance of such items standard. You could have Chucky taking over control of a smart house, repurposing its potential to trap people inside and off them by messing with its settings, such as broiling someone in a scalding shower, overloading electricity outputs or setting fires by adjusting temperature. If he runs out of ideas, there’s always the trusty fallback of maiming someone with the garbage disposal.

He could also use the internet to maneuver his victims into places better suited for ambush, such as by catfishing an unfaithful husband with the promise of a tryst with the soccer mom next door, or riling someone up in an online gaming session so that they become blind to their surroundings.

Whatever murderous shenanigans Chucky gets up to, they’ll be worth waiting for, and when he makes his small screen debut it’s a given that it will be in an amusingly gory fashion.