The Clock King Will Cross Over From Arrow To The Flash


clock king

Having The Flash and Arrow share a cinematic universe on television is incredibly exciting and really opens the door for crossovers between the two super-shows. We recently learned that both series would have a 2-hour crossover event during the eighth episodes of their respective upcoming seasons, but a few minor crossovers will actually happen a bit sooner than that.

Felicity Smoak will head from Starling City to Central City in episode four, while Arrow villain The Clock King, played by Robert Knepper, will appear in episode seven.

The Clock King a.k.a. William Tockman showed up in the fourteenth episode of Arrow‘s second season, and managed to completely steal the show and go down as one of the  series’ best villains. It was sad to see him taken down, but it’s incredibly exciting to see that he’ll be headed to The Flash. He’ll be the first villain to show up in both series, which opens the door for other crossovers and character appearances in the future.

According to TV Line, the Clock King won’t be working alone, as it was revealed that the episode will in fact pit the scarlet speedster against two bad guys. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg states that it will be “a new enemy,” so really it’s anyone’s guess at who it could be. It could easily be an already-announced character like Captain Cold, or someone we haven’t heard about yet.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated on the Clock King episode of The Flash, so stay on your toes and let us know which Arrow villains you’d like to see join The Flash (or vice versa) in the comments section below.

Source: TV Line

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