Take A Closer Look At The Atom In New Legends Of Tomorrow Promo


With eight days to go until the series premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, anticipation is at an all-time high for the Arrow/The Flash spinoff. The CW has been promoting the show in a major way over the past few weeks, and the latest in their series of character videos puts a magnifying glass on the pint-sized Atom.

The hero’s shrinking abilities have only been showcased in Arrow fairly briefly, so one of the most exciting things about Legends of Tomorrow is the fact that we’re going to see Ray Palmer really let loose with his newfound abilities.

The role has also given Brandon Routh a proper chance to play a superhero after the disappointing Superman Returns. While he certainly wasn’t terrible in that film, Bryan Singer’s decision to slavishly pay homage to Christopher Reeve’s movies really held it back, and it certainly didn’t do Routh any major favours. As The Atom though, the actor has found plenty of success in this corner of the DC Universe, and we’re excited to see him in the spinoff.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to hit The CW on January 21st, and with early reviews pointing to it being another hit for The CW, this ragtag team of heroes is clearly going to be here to stay.

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