Have A Closer Look At Batwoman’s Batman Costume


When it comes to superhero costumes, I think it’s safe to say that fans are just as passionate about the way those look as they are the actors who are cast as the characters themselves. Hey, you have to admit that putting nipples on a Batman suit can incite just as much outrage as, say, hiring a guy who once starred in some Twilight movies. (In all fairness, I’m behind Robert Pattinson until otherwise proven wrong.)

Since 1943, Hollywood has put a variety of spins on the Caped Crusader’s attire. Whether it be Lewis Wilson’s floppy ears in those original serials, Michael Keaton introducing us to fully black body armor, Ben Affleck’s desert attire, or “pure 100% Grade-A West,” we all have our preferences. Personally, my favorite costume was the standard one worn by Affleck in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, though those found in Batman Returns and Batman Begins aren’t far behind.

Strange as it may seem, a new take on the Dark Knight’s duds will be included in the upcoming Batwoman series, yet nobody will actually suit up. Well, Kate Kane will first have Luke Fox modify her cousin’s getup before actually developing her own look, if we’re to get techinical. In fact, you’re free to treat yourself to some new behind-the-scenes shots of the Arrowverse’s Batman costume in the gallery below.

In case you were wondering, these new pics come to us by way of Andy Poon’s Instagram page. For those unfamiliar, he draws up concept art for Arrowverse costumes, and here’s what he had to say about the matter:

“Speechless. I was in the Bat cave of the Batwoman series checking out the Batman suit that I got to do the concept for in person. Huge thank you to the costume design Maya Mani to bringing me on this new adventure and watching them film the sequence. If you know me, you will know this is a huge moment for me. Also now Arthur has a picture of his daddy and Batman together. Keep on grinding.”

Now, I can’t be the only one who thinks this effort outshines that of Gotham‘s finale, right? I mean, I didn’t hate what we saw in the closing moments of Fox’s prequel series, but it more so resembled a respectably valiant cosplay attempt. This, however, makes for a much more believable Masked Manhunter.

Batwoman premieres on Sunday nights this fall on The CW.