Cobra Kai co-creator reveals that filming for season five is almost complete

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai fans are still awaiting the debut of the highly anticipated season four of the show. They have plenty to look forward to after co-creator Jon Hurwitz today confirmed that the future of the show is secure and they’re about to put a wrap on season five.

Netflix acquired Cobra Kai in 20201 and the series exploded in popularity. 2021 kicked off with a massive season three and will end with the premiere season four on Dec. 31.

Huritz answered a tweet from a fan regarding two of the main characters’ relationship in the upcoming season. Instead of giving away what would be coming in season four, he dropped the news that season five filming is almost done.

Wrapping up filming season five before season four has even launched is great news for fans of the series as it likely means the wait won’t be as long as it was between seasons two and three.

Netflix confirmed that it had renewed Cobra Kai for a fifth season in August. If the show manages to keep up its momentum it’s likely we’ll have many more.

Until then, you’ve still got over a month to binge through the first three seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix and refresh your memory for season four to launch on Dec. 31.