‘Cobra Kai’ EPs would love to have Andrew Garfield on the hit Netflix show

Andrew Garfield loves the Netflix martial arts show 'Cobra Kai' and the feeling is mutual as EPs say they would love to have him aboard.

Could Andrew Garfield be heading to Cobra Kai? If you ask the series’ executive producers, the answer is yes. The possibilities seem endless if he wants to guest star on the martial arts comedy series, and there appears to be an open invitation for him to join the cast.

Garfield recently shared his love for the series, and he was surprised with a video from the Cobra Kai cast. Garfield sang praises of the series, and his shock and awe when he saw the video in response were beyond words.

Seeing celebrities get as excited as fans often do when their favorites shout them out is always a fun watch. You can watch the video below.

Recently, Collider sat down with the Cobra Kai EP team, including Josh Heald, Hayden Schlossberg, and Jon Hurwitz. They brought up the topic of Garfield joining the series, and all three seemed to be on board.

Hurwitz began by saying that he’d want to find something surprising for Garfield to bring to the series.

“I don’t even know how to answer that right now. I will say that we were giddy as well when we saw his reaction and how much he loves the show. We’re all fans of his. He’s such an amazing talented actor that you’d want to find something that is surprising. I think that you’d give him a unique look and a unique feel and unique angle and make him unlike any other character in the show. I think that’s where we’d start. But as to any specifics, I probably shouldn’t say anything because, who knows? Maybe he will be on the show and I don’t want take any chances of ruining that”

Schlossberg continued with his take on what Garfield could bring to the table.

I know in the video Andrew Garfield had mentioned Miyagi-Do forever, so I have a feeling that he’s gonna gravitate towards Daniel LaRusso.”

Heald added his idea too, and honestly — we could see any of them happening.

“I feel like he’s a tech billionaire who buys out all the auto sales places in the valley and becomes just the ultimate foil for everybody.”

If we do see Garfield on Cobra Kai, it won’t be for a while. Season four premieres on Dec. 10, and they’re already done shooting season five.