‘Cobra Kai’ season five has finished filming, confirms EP


With less than a couple of weeks to go before Cobra Kai season four arrives on Netflix, we’ve learned that the hit show’s fifth season has completed filming. Snapping up the Karate Kid spinoff series after YouTube passed on making more after two seasons has turned out to be one of Netflix’s smartest ever moves. Cobra Kai season three became one of the streamer’s biggest ever shows when it debuted at the beginning of 2021.

Netflix is closing off the year with season four, and it looks like season five won’t be far behind it. Co-showrunner Jon Hurwitz confirmed the news that the next run of the series is now complete on social media this Sunday. A snap of himself and co-creator Josh Heald on board a flight departing Atlanta, Georgia, Cobra Kai’s primary filming location, accompanied the announcement. “Five. Five,” Hurwitz captioned the image, along with the hashtags “#ByeAtlanta” and #CobraKai.”

There is some confusion in the responses to Hurwitz’s tweet as some folks think he’s secretly telling us that season four will be the series’ last However, we’re pretty sure he’s not insinuating ever, as there has been no announcement to that effect to date. While five seasons would be a totally solid run, it definitely feels like there’s a lot more gas left in the tank, from our position awaiting season four.

The incoming season will see Danny LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) putting aside their decades-old rivalry in the hopes of beating out the retooled Cobra Kai at the next All-Valley Karate Tournament. What with Thomas Ian Griffith returning as uber-villain Terry Silver, season four promises to be even bigger and better than season three. So hopefully, season five will continue that trend, too.

Don’t miss all 10 episodes of Cobra Kai season four when they hit Netflix on New Year’s Eve.