Colin Hanks Joins Dexter

As production gets underway on Season 6 of Dexter, actors are being assembled to play the supporting characters for the season in amongst the regulars. Word is that Colin Hanks, son of Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, has joined the popular Showtime series as the season’s main villain. But as reported his role won’t be as integral as the Ice Truck Killer but he will still be Dexter’s main adversary throughout the season.

Hanks is an interesting choice, his on screen roles don’t dictate him as a natural villain. But then again that’s the beauty of all the antagonists of Dexter. John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits both had previous screen personas that didn’t naturally lend themselves to evil, yet they were performed so brilliantly. Of course the details of the character are being kept tightly under lock and key, so no major details so far.

I don’t see why Hanks shouldn’t fit in. He is a good actor, perhaps most known for his role in Peter Jackson‘s King Kong remake but was more recently seen as a guest character on Mad Men. We’ll keep you posted on more development with Season 6 of Dexter.