Comedy Central Orders Up Season 2 Of Broad City

Broad City

If you haven’t been watching the first season of Broad City on Comedy Central, you’ve been missing out on one of the funniest new shows on television. Produced by Amy Poehler and starring two UCB alums, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, it’s kind of like Girls without the sense of entitlement or Sex and the City without all the shoe shopping. In other words, it’s nothing like those shows.

Broad City follows Jacobson and Glazer as Abbi and Ilana, two women living in New York City and generally making a mess of their lives in a way only people in their twenties can do. You know, before life beats them in submission and what not. They drink, they smoke a lot of weed (some of which is transported… all up in that), and they occasionally meet some pretty unsavory guys, like the DJs played by Jason Mantzoukas and Breaking Bad‘s Matt L. Jones in last week’s episode, “Fattest Asses.”

Luckily, the show has done well enough to earn itself a second season. Poehler announced the news during the debut of Seth Meyers’ Late Night on Monday. That means more Abbi, more Illana and (hopefully) more Hannibal Buress in his scene-stealing roles as Lincoln, Illana’s almost-boyfriend and a dentist I’d never want working on my teeth.

Broad City began its life as a sketch at the UCB Theater in New York before becoming a web series. Poehler’s involvement as a producer helped get it picked up by Comedy Central and it has earned itself a pretty good following since then. You can watch the first episode of the original web series below, then check out the show Wednesday nights on Comedy Central.