Constantine: City Of Demons Now Available On CW Seed


This is a public service announcement for DC fans everywhere: Constantine: City of Demons is now available to watch on CW Seed.

As well as their smash-hit quartet of live-action superhero shows, The CW has been serving up a selection of animated webseries set in the same universe – colloquially known as the Arrowverse – for the past few years. We’ve had two seasons of VixenFreedom Fighters: The Ray landed last year and now Matt Ryan’s Hellblazer has got his own solo vehicle… for the first time since his NBC series was cancelled after one brief season back in 2014.

As Arrowverse fans will know, not long after Constantine wrapped up, Ryan was folded into The CW’s DC universe with a guest spot in Arrow season 4. Despite enormous support from viewers, the character didn’t return again until late last year, when he appeared in the final moments of Legends of Tomorrow‘s midseason finale, setting up a recurring role in the back half of season 3.


The content of Constantine: City of Demons has been a closely guarded secret – even the title was held on to for as long as possible – but we have had a few hints about what we can expect from it. It’s been promised that the animated series will be much closer in tone to the acclaimed Vertigo comics that the character hails from, which means that it will be even darker than the live-action show.

If this webseries isn’t enough Constantine goodness for you though, then you’re in luck. The occult detective will be back in next month’s Legends season finale, which could set up a series regular part on the time-travelling DC TV show next season – if it’s lucky enough to get renewed.

Be sure to catch the first five episodes of Constantine: City of Demons on CW Seed when you get the chance, as they’re available now.