Constantine Is Coming To Arrow For A Guest Appearance


After NBC’s Constantine was cancelled, fans of the show began to lose hope of ever seeing Matt Ryan in the trademark trench-coat of the foul-mouthed occultist ever again – but it’s now been officially announced that actor will be reprising the role in an upcoming episode of The CW’s Arrow.

Following the cancellation this past May, showrunner Daniel Cerone did his best to try to get the show picked up for a second season on another network but his efforts were in vain, and everyone figured that was that. Around this time, Arrow star Stephen Amell reached out on Twitter and said that if Constantine was given another chance, he would happily guest star as Oliver Queen. Ryan responded by enthusiastically stating that it’d be a “real pleasure to explore these guys’ dynamic.”


Most fans figured this was all just wishful thinking and never really thought anything would come of it, but here we are – albeit it’s now Ryan joining Amell on his show. We don’t have any other details on this for now, but CW President Mark Pedowitz did add that “it’s a great one-shot episode,” so Johnny C may only be making a single appearance.

Tell us, are you happy about this news, or do you think Constantine had its chance and should be laid to rest? Sound off below!