John Constantine Will Return To Legends Of Tomorrow This Season


Arrowverse fans got a treat this week as the long-awaited Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere saw Matt Ryan return as John Constantine for the first time in live-action since Arrow season 4. And while he sadly didn’t stick around on board the Waverider, it’s now been confirmed that the Hellblazer will return in time for the end of the season. were told by Warner Bros. Television that Constantine will reappear in the fifteenth episode of season 3, titled “Necromancing the Stone.” Fans can look forward to that airing on The CW in five weeks’ time, though plot details and the like are being kept under wraps for now.

What’s also interesting is that we’ve got some new evidence which suggests that Ryan will possibly hang around for the episode after that, as well, and feature as part of the season finale. Legends’ Nick Zano – who plays Nate Heywood – shared a photo of himself from the set on his Instagram account.

“Going into the last episode of the season like…” he captioned the image, showing himself in a fighting pose. While that’s all well and good, the most interesting detail here is the fact that there’s someone very familiar-looking standing behind Zano in the shot.

Yes, the blond hair and the trenchcoat tell us that this is Matt Ryan. So, putting his presence on set together with Zano’s “last episode” comment makes it look like Constantine will feature in the finale, too. That is, unless the actor just means he’s about to head into filming on the final installment of the season, which might suggest this photo was taken during work on episode 15.

Either way, Constantine will be back for at least one more appearance before things wrap up – which is definitely a cause for celebration for DC fans. Though his NBC solo series only notched up 13 episodes, Ryan’s interpretation of the cult favourite character proved too good to keep down, so it’s a joy that he’s finally found himself a recurring role on Legends of Tomorrow.

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