Legends Of Tomorrow: Matt Ryan Reflects On Constantine’s Scene With The Atom


The beauty of having someone with a strong personality like that of John Constantine’s doing a guest shot on Legends of Tomorrow is that he’s going to have markedly different interactions with everyone aboard the Waverider. Sure, we knew he’d hit on Citizen Cold and something would end up going down between him and White Canary, but we had no idea that the demonologist would actually end up doing it with Sara Lance – and in a 1969 asylum, no less.

But before we get into any more specifics, let’s read what actor Matt Ryan had to say to ComicBook.com about his character’s interaction with the Atom – a man of science – before going about about his way:

“Yeah, I think that what’s great in any kind of dramatic situation is having characters that are polar opposites, so that there is some kind of conflict. Or you can see then how they’re reaching out from their various personalities to kind of be able to co-exist, you know. And there’s that little line that I say, ‘Oh Ray, big man,’ and I just popped that in. Do you know what I mean? Like ‘big man’ or [any other] colloquialisms that John has.”

Of course, his reason for pulling Ray Palmer aside was because of the weapon against magic he’d been developing, something Constantine feels the Legends will need going forward. Because, according to him, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when Sara succumbs to the influence of Mallus.

Ryan continued talking about his scene shared with Brandon Routh, saying:

“But I think that John knows that every person has their place, and he just does his thing. And there was a real nice dynamic in that end scene with the two of them. And I think Brandon made up as well when I left like, ‘That guy’s really cool.’ And I was just like… I love that element of all the actors on the show as well. They’re so in tune with their characters that they can do little things like that that instantly fit in, and it’s a really nice little scene to play with him there, you know.”

To be honest, I just don’t see Sara Lance being killed off for a second time, especially when there’s been a revolving door of sorts on the Waverider in recent memory. Still, I do foresee her having to be pulled back from the abyss as Constantine warned.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.