Constantine Will Not Be Making The Move To Syfy



Television is always a fraught landscape, even for successful shows. For the series that have not been quite successful but have managed to pick up a loyal cult following, the landscape is even bleaker. NBC’s Constantine is one such show: it has potential, but its ratings are low and it does not appear to be justifying its budget. And so, there’s a chance – a very good chance – that Constantine will not be renewed at the end of this season.

One glimmer of hope for the show had been the rumor that NBC Universal was going to move Constantine to the Syfy Network, where it might stand a chance of surviving on the strength of its niche audience. That rumor was effectively squashed on Monday, though, as according to TV Line (via Cinema Blend), there is no truth to the move.

While this might seem like pretty dire news to fans of the show, we must remember that Constantine has not been cancelled yet. It could be that NBC will keep it going for another season, even at a limited run, giving the show a chance at redemption. There’s also a chance that NBC will move it to another network (like Chiller) instead. All that’s really clear right now is that it won’t be moving to Syfy. The show has already been shut down on the production side, with the last episode having aired last Friday.

For those who don’t know, Constantine stars Matt Ryan as the “reluctant supernatural detective” John Constantine, who struggles with his past sins while hunting down demons. Whether or not the show will be offered the same opportunity at redemption as its main character remains to be seen.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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