Syfy May Stage 11th-Hour Move For Constantine; Network Switch Would See Series Change To Hellblazer



NBC’s supernatural drama Constantine has been wrangling with the ratings since its inception. And given the fact that the network opted against giving the show a full 22-episode order, fans of the titular demon-hunter have been kept on tenterhooks right up until the season finale, which is due to air this Friday.

However, a new report suggests that there could be light at the end of the tunnel for the cult series, as it’s understood that Syfy may stage an 11th-hour swoop to acquire Constantine for a second season under the new branding, Hellblazer. While this remains unconfirmed by both parties at the time of writing, a network switch would make perfect sense for the troubled series, which has been lingering in limbo ever since that aforementioned decision by NBC. Moreover, in bringing the otherworldly show over, Syfy will reportedly grant the writers much more creative freedom, given that the network has an established audience for all-things-supernatural.

Should this switcheroo materialize, the creative team behind the DC Comics’ adaptation have already mapped out some formative ideas for a sophomore season, which include expanding some of the character arcs seeded in the opening episodes. Here’s what co-creator Daniel Cerone had to say on the matter.

You didn’t even really get to know Anne Marie but she was introduced and portrayed as such a great character by Claire van der Boom in Episodes Eight and Nine but we can’t wait. We had 22 episodes on our writers’ room board, where the whole season was going and it included a Newcastle flashback and it included getting all of those characters together that we’ve been slowly rolling out. I hope we get chance to do that again.

Stay tuned to We Got This Covered over the coming days when we’ll have more information pertaining to Constantine and its potential network switch. The show’s season one finale is pegged for Friday, February 13.

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