Constantine Will Have A Nude Scene In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4


Not long ago, we learned that Arrow will soon push the boundaries of what The CW’s censors allow, though that mostly has to do with how dark and gritty its next season will be. In the case of Legends of Tomorrow, however, it sounds like we should expect at least one nude demonologist to grace our TV screens this fall.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “wait…what?”

To be more specific, it was revealed just days ago that John Constantine seemingly won’t mind hanging loose once he’s aboard the Waverider, as he walks to and from the shower in his birthday suit. Elaborating on the subject was Matt Ryan’s co-star, Caity Lotz, who had this to say while speaking at a panel conducted at FanX 2018 in Salt Lake City:

“They’ve actually known each there for a while. Constantine was the one who brought Sara’s soul back. They’ve had a relationship for a while, and he’s a unique addition to the team. He comes and he’s very much like, he thinks he’s god’s gift to earth, which he gets checked pretty quick. He just did a scene, I don’t know if I can say what it was, but he’s naked in the scene.”

Obviously, Lotz didn’t know that the cat was already out of the bag when it came to the shower scene. But seeing as how her character of Sara is now romantically involved with Ava Sharpe, odds are that she’ll be less tempted by an au naturale Constantine than she was this past spring.

But when it comes to how the crew will get along while having their clothes on, Brandon Routh had this to add regarding the Ray Palmer-Constantine dynamic:

“There’s a lot of fun Ray/Constantine stuff, we’ve had a lot of fun together. Matt’s awesome, he’s a great addition not only to the show but just to our cast, he fits right in and it’s been awesome having him.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on Monday, October 22 on The CW.