‘Cowboy Bebop’ fans aren’t surprised it only lasted one season


The tale of Cowboy Bebop is a short and very sad one, and we should pour one out for wardrobe designer Jane Holland, who was warned by the teenage friends of her children not to f*ck it up, only for the anime adaptation to be canned after a single season.

Of course, it’s not Holland’s fault when the costuming was something everyone could agree was on point, it was just the rest of the series people seemed to have an issue with. Cowboy Bebop was comfortably set to be one of 2021’s biggest and best shows, and it rode that hype right up until the day it landed on Netflix and revealed itself to be … not great.

It’s become the latest big-budget bust from the streaming service, but as you can see from the reactions below, plenty of people aren’t exactly shocked that it became a one-and-done effort — as a sampling of tweets reacting to the news reflects.

Even John Cho and his luxurious hair came in for criticism when he described Cowboy Bebop as expensive fan fiction, with actual fans disagreeing vehemently with that sentiment when they didn’t care much for the show at all.

You know things are bad when petitions and #SaveCowboyBebop campaigns haven’t been springing up everywhere, so it looks as though it won’t be missed.