Mysterious Crisis On Earth-X Character Is Returning To The Flash


Think back to the first episode of the recent Arrowverse crossover event “Crisis on Earth-X,” when the cast of The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl came to Central City to attend Barry Allen and Iris West’s long-awaited wedding. On the big day, the Scarlet Speedster encountered a quirky waitress played by Jessica Parker Kennedy.

Though she only appeared very briefly, the mysterious character caught the attention of fans. Due to her fixated interest on Barry and Iris’ wedding, some think she might be a descendant of the couple from the future. She could have inherited her dad’s speed and nipped back in time to witness the marriage of her parents. After all, she did say that their wedding was “one for the ages.”

Thankfully, the mystery soon looks to be cleared up, as Kennedy has confirmed that she’s filmed at least one more episode of The Flash as part of the second half of the show’s fourth season. The actress (who DC fans might remember previously played Plastique on Smallville) revealed the news while talking to Bustle. She refused to tease any details about her character, but did touch base on how she felt about the various theories running around.

On whether she keeps a tab on them all, she said:

“I try not to. I get really nervous any time anyone’s talking about me on the internet. Even if it’s a character. It makes me feel weirdly uncomfortable.”

The two big theories right now are that one, Kennedy is playing Dawn Allen, Barry’s speedster daughter and one of the Tornado Twins along with her brother Don. Or that she’s Jenny Ognats, West Allen’s granddaughter and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes (just introduced on Supergirl). Kennedy also commented on these, saying they were “interesting guesses.”

Whoever Kennedy’s character is, it’s fair to say they’ll be important to the lore of The Flash going forward. It’s worth noting that her warning to the titular hero was to remind him to say “I do.” Despite this, Barry never actually said the all-important words at his initial ceremony or the eventual impromptu double wedding he had with Oliver and Felicity, officiated by Diggle. Could this have changed history, causing repercussions down the line?

We’ll find out when The Flash returns on January 15th.