Crisis On Earth-X Concept Art Featuring Citizen Cold, Overgirl And Others Surfaces


At the risk of completely throwing my sense of professionalism out the window by filling this article with expletives, I’ll just keep calm and say that this year’s Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Earth-X, satisfied in every way imaginable. In short, it was everything a DC TV mashup should be, and completely trounced last year’s effort. And after bearing witness to some major reveals and a great tragedy, it’s probably safe to say that we won’t forget this event anytime soon.

Aside from those game-changers we just mentioned, one of the highlights of the crossover – at least in this writer’s view – was admiring the fantastic new costumes that were on display. In the past, the costuming department over in Vancouver had done fine jobs with various other DC heroes and villains, and this time was no different. Not only did they get to break ground with a newcomer to the Arrowverse such as the Ray, but we saw new spins be put on familiar faces.

By that, we obviously mean Leonard Snart, Oliver Queen, Kara Zor-El and, to an extent, Eobard Thawne. And thanks to costume designer Andy Poon and his Instagram page, we’ve been treated to concept art spotlighting each of the characters we’ve mentioned. Granted, all but Snart are headshots, but you have to admit what’s on display is pretty cool nevertheless.

In the gallery above, you can peep each example, with Citizen Cold wearing some specs much closer to his comic book counterpart. As for the Ray, he’s been placed alongside Overgirl, Dark Arrow and Blitzen/Reverse-Flash, whom, may we say, each donned such sweet-looking costumes that it’s kind of a shame they can never be cosplayed. Seriously, if the villains weren’t Nazis, I’d be the first to order a Dark Arrow costume.

So, while you peruse our Crisis on Earth-X gallery above, be sure to compare the concept art to the third slide showing the official banner for the crossover. From the look of it, not much changed between conceptuals and what made it to screen. Well, at least judging by what’s been declassified, that is.