Arrowverse Crossover Concludes With Two Weddings And A Funeral


At the risk of completely throwing my sense of professionalism out the window by filling this article with expletives, I’ll just keep calm and say that this year’s Arrowverse crossover satisfied in every way imaginable. In short, it was everything a DC TV mashup should be, and completely trounced last year’s effort. And after bearing witness to last night’s big reveals, tonight’s conclusion knocked our socks off with a super-powered donnybrook normally reserved for summertime blockbusters, as well as a few emotional game-changers.

First, let’s discuss the shocking death that occurred.

For some time now, we’ve known that Victor Garber planned to make a natural exit from Legends of Tomorrow, but none of us could be too sure that the death of his character, Martin Stein, would enable that. Long story short, he was fatally wounded by Nazi gunfire on Earth-X and later drank Cisco’s formula, “The Calm Before the Firestorm,” that allowed him to break his nuclear bond with Jefferson Jackson.

Of course, this led to an emotionally draining funeral scene, as Stein touched the lives of so many characters populating the Arrowverse. Still, this begs the question as to what lies ahead for Jax. Seeing as how he’s an original character, Marc Guggenheim and company can take him in whichever direction they please. Basically, they could apply another established DC hero’s identity to him or create a new one altogether.

When it comes to those weddings, well, we’re happy to say that Barry Allen and Iris West got to complete their nuptials somehow. Thanks to an ordained John Diggle, the two eloped – and made it a double wedding as Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak tied the knot as well. Suffice it to say, this crossover has significantly altered the DC TV landscape on many fronts.

As for the immediate future of the Arrowverse, be sure to tune in next week as each show is set to air their respective midseason finales on The CW.