Crisis On Infinite Earths Made Some New Additions To The Arrowverse Canon


Something that marks “Crisis on Infinite Earths” out from practically every other superhero screen crossover we’ve ever seen is how it pulls from across DC history rather than just its own franchise. That’s the reason fans have been even more excited than usual for this year’s Arrowverse event, and yesterday’s first hour did not disappoint on this front. In fact, it began by confirming that three other major DC universes are part of the Arrowverse multiverse.

The Supergirl episode of “Crisis” kicked off with the Monitor’s voiceover describing the origins of the multiverse, before warning that its destruction was at hand. We then visited various different Earths to see them being affected by the deadly wave of anti-matter that’s sweeping through all of reality. Three of the Earths showcased in this sequence include Earth-9, Earth-89 and Earth-66. All of which are familiar to fans.

First of all, Earth-9 is the world of DC Universe’s Titans. The brief clip set on this Earth sees red skies above Titans Tower in San Francisco, with Alan Ritchson’s Hawk and Curran Walters’ Jason Todd looking on, worried. A white flash as we leave this Earth doesn’t bode well for its fate. Don’t worry, though, as Titans season 3 is already confirmed. So Earth-9 may be one of the few worlds that survives the Crisis.

On Earth-89, we visit Gotham City, with the red skies partially broken by the Bat-signal being beamed into the clouds. Sitting on a bench below them is a man reading a newspaper with the headline “Batman Captures Joker.” He looks up at the Bat-signal and says “I hope you’re watching, big guy.” This man is actor Robert Wuhl, reprising his role as reporter Alexander Knox from 1989’s Batman movie.

Last but not least, Earth-66 is represented by a civilian of a separate version of Gotham City walking his dog. When he sees the red skies above, he cries out “Holy crimson skies of death!” This is obviously Burt Ward back as Dick Grayson, the iconic part he played opposite Adam West’s Dark Knight in the 1960s Batman show. His dog, in a neat secondary easter egg, appears to be Ace the Bat-Hound.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” continues tonight on The CW with Part 2, which will bring Brandon Routh’s Superman, Tom Welling’s Clark Kent and Kevin Conroy’s Batman into the fold. Don’t miss it.

Source: ScreenRant