CW Launches New Social Media Game With The Vampire Diaries CWingo

The CW network is known for being very social media conscious and for offering interactive options for fans that like to multi-task. Now, reports that the savvy, teen-centric mini-net may have found a way to capitalize on multi-tasking fans and get people to tune in for reruns.

Tonight, December 1, 2011, during a rerun of ‘The Vampire Diaries the CW will launch CWingo.  CWingo is a virtual game of Bingo that is prompted by icons and quotes that will appear during the episode, “The Hybrid.”  You can play with your friends or with random strangers by logging on to the CW website,  There will also be a way to share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

The game is based on the show you’re watching with tonight’s The Vampire Diaries rerun as fans first of many chances to play along with their favorite CW series.  A 90210 version is scheduled for its last episode of 2011, but the CW is working on one for all the rest of its line-up.

The leaderboard will showcase the first five people to win.  Prizes will be revealed during the show.  The game will be available online or through the CW iPad app.

For me, this sounds like a fun way to enjoy a favorite show and maybe walk away with some cool CW swag.