The CW Reportedly Trying To Convince Grant Gustin To Stay On As The Flash

The Flash

Now that Arrow‘s over, the “main” show of the Arrowverse is The Flashwhich is currently airing its seventh season. Last year, however, star Grant Gustin revealed that this was the final run that he was contracted for, with COVID-19 having interrupted negotiations for him to come back for more. We haven’t heard any official updates on the situation since then, but it seems that the process is still ongoing and the network definitely doesn’t want to lose him.

According to scooper Daniel Richtman, The CW is reportedly trying to convince Gustin to stick around as the Scarlet Speedster for a while yet. Though The Flash is nearing the end of Arrow‘s eight-season lifespan, they don’t want to lose the actor and the network is apparently hoping to keep him on board. Of course, Richtman also recently claimed that The CW was willing to throw an unprecedented amount of cash at Gustin to get him to sign a new deal, and while it’s unclear if he’s accepted, the tipster says that the network’s trying to convince him to remain in the role.

But will he go for it? Well, publicly, the star has seemed just as enthused about playing the character as he always has. He’s also recently got himself in super buff shape for the part, which suggests he’s looking to continue on for the foreseeable future. He’s about to become a parent for the first time, which is often something that makes an actor consider turning over a new leaf – look at Melissa Benoist leaving Supergirl shortly after having her first child – but that’s not necessarily the case here.

There’s every chance that Grant Gustin will agree to continue on as a citizen of Central City for at least a couple more seasons, then. Remember, he may even hop over to the big screen to cameo opposite Ezra Miller (again) in The Flash movie.