The CW Reveals New Promo And Title For Next Episode of Arrow


If you’ve been following news pertaining to Arrow since last summer, then you’re aware of how the producers have been holding their cards close to the vest when it comes to this particular series. Furthermore, they’ve withheld certain episode titles for as long as possible – or even changed them at the eleventh hour (“My Name is Emiko Queen,” to cite an example).

So far, all we’d really known about episode 7×14 was a cryptic hint offered by executive producer and showrunner Beth Schwartz. As it turns out, said offering will be titled “Brothers & Sisters,” which may have something to do with Oliver and Emiko’s relationship. And since it’s pluralized, perhaps we may see that concept applied to the future – maybe with William Clayton and Mia Smoak.

For now, though, an entirely different plot thread is teased by the trailer found at the top of this article, and that’s something having to do with Ricardo Diaz. From the look of it, he may be on the loose sooner than expected, as it appears we’ll see the flash forward shown during last fall’s season premiere finally paid off.

If not, then we’ll at least witness Felicity becoming royally pissed off at John Diggle and Lyla for working with the man who’s tried to kill her and those she loves on various occasions. Those up to speed know how “The Dragon” has been recruited into ARGUS’ Ghost Initiative in recent weeks (yes, “Ghost Initiative,” because this show is no longer allowed to say “Suicide Squad”).

At the moment, no official synopsis has been given for “Brothers & Sisters,” but we advise that you keep checking back for updates. Odds are the network will cough up the description either later this week or in the one to follow.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, March 4th on The CW.

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