Arrow EP Cryptically Teases Episode 7×14’s Title


Back when Marc Guggenheim was running the show, he’d often tease upcoming episodes of Arrow by posting the top page of the screenplay on social media once filming for the relevant installment would commence. His successor, Beth Schwartz, has done likewise, and she’s been having a bit of fun in doing so in recent memory.

Not long ago, she was quite forthcoming when revealing what the 150th episode will be called (it’s “Emerald Archer”), but she wouldn’t cough up what the one to follow is titled. Like some of you, I suspect it has something to do with the new Green Arrow in town, but we can’t be too sure until receiving confirmation.

This time, Schwartz is once again driving fans batty by withholding episode 7×14’s title (that one will be the 152nd overall, in case you’re keeping track). However, she’s made a game out of it by posting this enigmatic photo on Twitter displaying posters from past seasons of Arrow and a few other TV shows from yesteryear, saying there’s a clue to the true title given.

As it turns out, a lot of suspicion has been cast on the Jack & Bobby one-sheet. If you remember that WB drama, it focused on two young brothers, one of which became president in 2041. The other, unfortunately, was dead that same year.

Taking this into consideration, we could be looking at something as straightforward as “Oliver & Emiko,” or an episode devoted entirely to flash forwards. For all we know, Schwartz could even take a page out of Legends of Tomorrow‘s playbook and come out with “Star City 2041.”

The only other eye-catcher here is the Everwood poster, but that was more so your average family drama airing in prime time. I think it’s the more innocuous of the two, but we can’t rule out being thrown a curveball. It’s just less likely that one could inform a superhero show.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, January 21st on The CW.