Arrow EP Won’t Reveal Episode 7×13’s Title


Now that the first leg of Arrow‘s seventh season is behind us, it’s time to ponder what’s to come. Already, Oliver Queen has gotten out of prison, we’ve seen the other Emerald Archer in town unmasked, and the “Elseworlds” crossover knocked off everybody’s socks. Not a bad way to end 2018, if I may say so myself.

Where we go from here is known only to the Powers That Be, but executive producer and showrunner Beth Schwartz isn’t making it any easier for us to guess. In fact, she’s playfully taunted fans by posting a photo of episode 7×13’s script over on Twitter – but the title of said installment is obscured by a knife (seen below).

As it turns out, this’ll serve as the series’ 151st episode overall, so when we consider that the 150th episode is titled “Emerald Archer,” it’s not crazy to assume the successor is just as big. Naturally, it could be named for some kind of cutlery, but “Emiko” and “Connor Hawke” should be considered.

If you’re wondering why Connor Hawke is being brought up, that’s because actor Joseph David-James was standing alongside Sea Shimooka (the new Green Arrow) in a deleted Instagram photo. Depending on how recently that was taken, they were probably enjoying a break from shooting either 7×12 or 7×13.

Then again, we could be looking at something innocuous as “Oliver Queen Goes For A Haircut,” but I highly doubt that. Either way, season 7B is sure to have double the intrigue of what this past fall has presented. Really, that’s all we can ask from a show which has endured for this long.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, January 21st on The CW.