Supergirl And Batwoman Ratings Continue To Plummet For The CW


Things have still not improved for the female Caped Crusader and Last Daughter of Krypton on The CW as they both continue to shed viewers. The ratings for Supergirl and Batwoman have not been high, and the latest numbers on their most recent episodes indicate they’re still plummeting hard.

According to Cosmic Book News, Sunday’s Batwoman episode, titled “Drink Me,” brought in 816,000 viewers, the second least-watched episode of the season. This was a significant drop from the previous Sunday’s installment, which boasted an audience of 848,000. The series starring Ruby Rose is still in its first run and will hopefully be able to find a way to turn things around before the show’s season finale.

Supergirl, meanwhile, had an even tougher time getting people to watch, with Sunday’s offering, “It’s a Super Life,” only reeling in a meager 667,00 viewers. While this is an improvement from the previous episode’s 654,000, it’s far from ideal overall. At the start of Supergirl’s fifth season, viewership was just over 1 million, and now the show is losing fans at an alarming rate.

Supergirl hasn’t been having much luck outside of the small screen, either. DC is calling it quits on her current comic book series in May and there hasn’t been much news on the character’s DCEU debut. There was a recent report that her first appearance could come in the Black Adam film, but outside of that, there isn’t much else known about her future on the big screen. And now the ratings’ issues make the TV future for Kara-Zor El look somewhat bleak, and that goes for Batwoman, too.

While these statistics are very troubling, fans still have nothing to worry about. The CW has already given both Supergirl and Batwoman season renewals, so they’ll continue for the time being even if viewers continue not to tune in.