First Look At Cyborg On Young Justice: Outsiders Revealed


Though Young Justice has become lauded for its interpretations on DC’s adolescent heroes, there have been some glaring omissions. After all, with so many characters making up the publisher’s pantheon, you can’t organically knock down them all right out of the gate. Plus, the show’s lineup had to be different from Teen Titans‘ from the start, lest it be regarded as a rehash.

As it turns out, viewers will soon be introduced to this universe’s take on Victor Stone. In fact, we’ll meet the fan favorite who goes by the name of Cyborg in just a few short days once “Another Freak” is released as part of the next batch of Young Justice: Outsiders episodes. And even though it’s technically the eleventh installment overall, know that the four-episode set dropping will technically serve as the midseason finale.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a clip found at the top of this article, in addition to feasting your eyes on a promo shot of Cyborg directly below. If you were to ask me, this is somewhat reminiscent of more human-like renditions of the character, specifically the one Smallville had to offer. One other that comes to mind was the one drawn up by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado during their run on the eponymous comic book a few years back.

In case you’re wondering, it’s Zeno Robinson (Lego Star Wars: All Stars, Big City Greens) who’s been given the honor of voicing Victor this time around. And if you checked out the aforementioned clip, no, your ears weren’t deceiving you because that’s indeed Khary Payton playing his father, Silas Stone. Normally, people think of Payton as being the definitive voice of Cyborg, but again, we can’t have a Teen Titans retread on our hands.

Young Justice: Outsiders wraps the first half of its current season this Friday on DC Universe, and will pick back up in June. But if need to satisfy your Cyborg fix before summertime, know that he’ll appear in the live action Doom Patrol series premiering on February 15th.

Source: IGN