Dan Harmon Might Return To Community


Ever since executive producer and creator Dan Harmon left, Community hasn’t been the same. I could care less about Chevy Chase leaving since he didn’t even want to be there in the first place (some people are glad he’s gone) — but the show was Dan Harmon’s baby, and its quality and ratings have been decreasing alarmingly, thus NBC has asked Harmon to come back and finish what he started, as Community‘s fifth season might be its last.

Harmon revealed in recent recording of the Harmontown podcast that he’d been asked to return. The crowd goes insane, and then he… well, he retracts his comment. Why would he do that? Perhaps he just didn’t want to give people false hope. Maybe he’s not even considering and just thought it’d be funny to bring it up. Not cool, Harmon. Nevertheless, he does state later on that it’s just fine if people want to mention it in public, so maybe he is still looking into it. Only time will tell, but we all know the show could never be the same without Harmon as showrunner.

I’m a huge Community fan, but I was severely disappointed with season four. There’s nothing worse on TV than a comedy show devoid of laughs. I believe the show absolutely needs Dan Harmon to come back in some fashion, even if it’s not as a showrunner, but I’m also afraid the beloved TV series has simply ran out of surprises for its target audience. Nothing feels fresh anymore — some characters (such as Annie and Dean Craig) have become plain annoying. If they don’t start making some changes soon, they’ll lose whatever’s left of their audience, and the show will sink very, very quickly.

What do you think? Will Dan Harmon finally return to Community for a last season, or will the show live on forever without his help?