Dan Harmon Refuses To Rule Out Community Movie


Last we checked in with the folks at Greendale, Joel McHale et. al had effectively closed the door on the possibility of a Community season 7, but in keeping with the longstanding promise of “six seasons and a movie,” series creator Dan Harmon refuses to rule out the possibility of a feature film kicking into gear further down the line.

Appearing on Monday’s episode of Larry King Now (via EW), Harmon conceded that he’s happy to see the likes of Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs (Love), Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover branch off into new projects, but holds on to that flicker of hope that he can get the band back together for a Community Movie.

“If I pull out a typewriter right now and write a Community movie just from my own mind, then I have to go through the heartbreak and agony of finding out which of the people are going to show up to make it. Whereas, on the other hand, if I wait for everybody to line up and say, ‘We’re all out of work and ready to do a Community movie!’ well, I guess that’s a bad idea too. It’ll make a great movie. It’ll happen.”

Granted, it’s a more downbeat response to the proposition of a Community movie than, say, Harmon’s response back in 2015: “I told Yahoo, ‘I can’t think about writing a movie until I miss Community,’ he said at the 2015 ATX Festival in Austin. “They wanted to turn around and do a movie immediately, and Yahoo can get it done. They’re like the NSA.”

Community remains on ice for the time being, but do you think the prophecy of six seasons and a movie will hold true?