Danai Gurira Shares Emotional Goodbye Letter To The Walking Dead Family

The Walking Dead Michonne

The Walking Dead said goodbye to Danai Gurira over the weekend, and now the actress is saying goodbye to TWD in a heartfelt new letter.

The Black Panther star has featured as fan favorite Michonne on the post-apocalyptic drama for eight seasons, but she’s finally decided to call it time on her regular role on the show. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, though, as Gurira makes clear in her emotional letter, which is addressed to her colleagues on the series and everyone who watches.

Gurira shared the letter on Twitter, along with a behind-the-scenes selfie of herself with Rick Grimes’ boots (more on those in a moment). “Is it possible to feel your heart is broken and overwhelmed with love all at once?” the actress begins. “Leaving Michonne was one of the hardest things I have ever done.”

Clearly, the world of The Walking Dead means everything to Gurira, so it’s no surprise that she’s likely not saying goodbye for good. Indeed, episode 10×13 “What We Become” didn’t kill off Michonne, but sent her on an exciting new cross-country mission. She found indisputable evidence on Bloodworth Island – including those boots – that Rick is still alive and wasn’t killed six years ago as she believed.

As we know, Andrew Lincoln will return for a trilogy of TWD theatrically released movies which will explore what happened to him after he was whisked away from his loved ones by Anne/Jadis in a helicopter. Clearly, Michonne is now on his trail, so we can surely expect Gurira to show up in those films. The actress is staying tight-lipped about the possibility for the moment, though, only saying “we’ll see” when asked about it.

Until we see her again, then, thank you, Danai Gurira, for being an essential part of The Walking Dead family.