Danger Is Afoot In Foreboding New Poster For Daredevil Season 2



Marvel’s latest one-sheet for Daredevil season 2 teases a near and present danger for Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, showcasing his iconic crimson spectacles lying in ruin.

A striking and evocative teaser, no doubt, and it’s one that has us all the more excited for the return of Marvel’s Man Without Fear. But there’s still one burning question left unanswered: is this the handiwork of one Frank Castle? Check out the image in full after the jump.


Arriving by way of the Netflix Italia Twitter account, the teaser does portend a serious shake-up for Cox’s lawyer-by-day, vigilante-by-night:

With Netflix and Marvel fast approaching the show’s March 18 return, we’ve been treated to a handful of details regarding the sophomore season. From the way in which Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung’s villains will be woven into the story to news that a Daredevil season 2 fight sequence is setting out to top the gripping, expertly shot corridor sequence from last year’s outing, it’s little wonder that excitement for the show’s return is beginning to reach fever-pitch.

Alongside Cox, Bernthal and Yung, Daredevil season 2 is set to star Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson and Scott Glenn as the grizzled martial arts expert Stick.

Source: Twitter

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