First Look At Danielle Panakbaker As The Flash’s Killer Frost


In the season one finale of The Flash, Barry Allen travelled into the Speed Force and we caught a glimpse of the villainous Killer Frost. Comic book fans will know that Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panakbaker) becomes that villain in the comic books, but The Flash‘s version of the character so far hasn’t showed any signs of taking a turn to the dark side somewhere down the line.

For that reason, many fans believe that what we saw was an Earth-2 version of Caitlin, and as season two of The Flash has so far been dealing with doppelgängers from that world, it seems like a valid theory.


Now, The CW has released the first official image of the character, but it’s unclear whether it’s from season one or two. It’s also hard to tell from Panakbaker’s comments below if she’s talking in broad terms about one day becoming Killer Frost or if she’ll be playing that version of Caitlin at some point this year. Nonetheless, she clearly loved suiting up as the villain:

“I’m such a girl and I love getting dressed up in that look. We changed; we started working on the look a couple months before it actually shot, so our first suit was a one piece, kind of like Catwoman’s. Very sexy. But it didn’t feel quite right, so then we changed it to be like a top and these really cool leather pants. The hair was awesome. It started actually as a short little pixie wig and we just kept adding more and more hair, as you do. It’s great. I’m really excited.”

With any luck, The Flash won’t end up making Caitlin a villain, but there’s no denying that Killer Frost looks great here and it would be interesting to see the actress get the opportunity to explore the character. For now, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Tell us, though, what do you think about The Flash‘s take on Killer Frost?