Daredevil And House Of Cards Score Big In Never-Before-Seen Netflix Viewing Figures

After a well received first season, Marvel's Daredevil series has officially been given the greenlight for another run of episodes on Netflix, which means we have about 13 hours of exciting superhero television to look forward to in 2016. And, now that Matt Murdock has ascended from being a rookie vigilante to the costumed hero we know and love, we can expect his stories to take on new life next season. That means that Marvel will need to bring in more characters, some of which will hopefully deepen the connection the Man Without Fear has with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While nothing has been officially announced just yet, here are 7 characters who could bring with them some seminal Daredevil stories from the comics and plenty more geek-tastic moments.


As Netflix’s presence in the competitive market of online streaming grew and evolved, one of the more pressing questions– or best-kept secrets, depending on your outlook – was the viewing figures of the company’s content, specifically the original shows that have become the flagship IPs over the past few years. From the longstanding House of Cards to Marvel’s wet-behind-the-ears TV rendition of Matt Murdock and Daredevil, the roster of original content is some of the best the small screen has produced. But just how successful did these shows prove to be?

Well, at long last, Netflix has finally offered users a peak behind the curtain, and we’ve included a photo below that illustrates the peaks and troughs in viewership across all of the service’s original shows from the date they premiered to subscribers. For instance, since it debuted on April 10, Daredevil has proven to be quiet the hit among the sample of Netflix subscribers — a total of 2,500, according to San Diego-based Luth Research — with almost 11% of members watching at least one episode within the first 11 days.

The data released allows you to pinpoint which properties were binge-watched as well, not to mention the shows that peaked further into their lifespan thanks to either word of mouth or other marketing.

Variety provides further clarification of this data, stating that:

As with Nielsen data, the Luth numbers can provide an approximation of the audience size for a given series. For instance, if 10.7% of the 40.9 million domestic subs Netflix has watched at least one episode of “Daredevil,” that would mean nearly 4.4 million tuned in over the first 11 days. The 2.3% who tuned in first day of release? 940,000 viewers.

On the other hand, Marco Polo and Bloodline proved to be slow burners by comparison, with both shows simmering in and around the 0.5%-1% tier across their first 30 days on the streaming service.

Daredevil and House of Cards are the undisputed frontrunners on Netflix’s roster, with the quirky Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt filtering in at a relatively close third. To delve into the minutia of the analytics, you can view the infographic below; however, you caveat to keep in mind is the fact that Luth Research didn’t factor in content streamed through Internet-enabled TVs in its audience pool. Also, Orange is the New Black isn’t included because the adorned prison drama isn’t due to return until June 12.


Source: Variety