‘Daredevil’ fans debate whether or not one key character should be recast in the future MCU

Elodie Yung as Elektra
Image via Netflix

There’s a rumor going around that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be recasting the role of Daredevil‘s Elektra Natchios, who in the Netflix series was previously played by the wonderful Elodie Yung, and fans are expressing some not-so-favorable sentiments about that fact.

“Black Bolt coming back is great but recasting Elektra is such a shit decision,” one fan wrote.

One fan went so far as to describe Yung’s performance in the role as “supremacy.”

But just where did this rumor come from? Apparently, it is from the Reddit page r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers in a post where the moderators for the subreddit gave a list of scoops they’ve supposedly received surrounding upcoming announcements that will soon be unveiled at the forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con and D23: The Official Disney Fan Club Expo. The former convention takes place next week, while the latter will occur September 9-11 in Anaheim, California. However, the scoops are all firmly rumors at this point, as the moderators themselves point out, “As always, take this with a grain of salt.”

Even though the post did give warnings about it being a rumor, it also noted the moderators “have a tendency to believe most of it” due to other scoopers online seemingly validating various aspects of it.

The new actor who is set to replace Yung as Elektra is apparently Eiza González, if the post is to be believed. González recently starred in the Michael Bay return-to-form Ambulance as, you guessed it, an emergency medical technician. She was great in the movie and has starred in a number of other blockbusters, such as Baby Driver and Godzilla vs. Kong, among others.

As talented as González is, that did not stop Yung fans from proclaiming her as the one true Elektra.

“Charlie Cox and Elodie Yung will always be my Daredevil and Elektra,” another Twitter user wrote.

A Marvel fan page pulled their followers as to their thoughts about the casting change, and many seemed upset Yung would be departing from the role.

“I really really hope it’s not true,” one fan wrote.

Another Marvel fan page seemed to verify the rumor in terms of Yung being recast but stopped short of claiming González is the verified replacement.

One thing is certain: Charlie Cox will definitely be reprising his role as Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil, from the formerly Netflix series, as evidenced by his recent cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home.