Daredevil Will Reportedly Get A Comic-Accurate Suit In The MCU


At this point, it’s just a question of when not if Daredevil will return in the MCU, with countless reports and rumors saying that Kevin Feige is 100% planning on bringing Charlie Cox back as the Man Without Fear. Though the Netflix series was acclaimed, we should all get ready for Marvel Studios to put their own stamp on the character and while that might worry those hoping that the show’s gritty tone can be retained, in other ways, it’s certainly good news.

For instance, Marvel is apparently planning on giving Matt Murdock a more comic-accurate suit next time. Scooper Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has reported that the studio is well aware of the fandom’s issues with the Netflix series’ stripped-back version of Daredevil’s vigilante costume and fully intends to give him a more classic look when he returns in the MCU. So, expect the DD logo to be present and correct, for one.

Given how grounded and realistic Daredevil was, the Hornhead’s pointy-eared outfit never properly gelled with its style. In fact, Cox only wore it regularly in the second run. Matt donned in it for the first time in the season 1 finale and then it was stolen by Bullseye in the third season, with the superhero lawyer reverting to his Man in Black get-up instead. In contrast, Marvel Studios has usually spoiled us when it comes to super suits, so they could definitely deliver a perfect DD design like they did with Captain America, Iron Man and the rest.

Overall, though, it sounds like Kevin Feige and co. are still working out all the finer details of how best to relaunch the character. According to Sutton, they’ve yet to decide which of Disney’s streaming platforms to release a rebooted series on and what’s more, they’re keen to introduce more out-there villains, like Stilt-Man and the Jester.

Rumor has it Cox recently completed filming a cameo for Spider-Man 3, so Daredevil might just be making his big comeback as soon as this December.