Daredevil Season 3 Set Photos Allude To Karen’s Hometown


It seems Karen Page is homeward bound.

New Daredevil season 3 set photos uncovered by Hudson Valley 360 (h/t MCU Exchange) allude to Fagan Corners, Vermont, the fictional hometown of Karen Page in the comics.

That tells us one of two things: either Daredevil season 3 plans to incorporate some flashback scenes – not unlike those wistful, nostalgic parts dedicated to Matt and Foggy’s college years – to help shed light on Karen’s past. Or this particular episode will have our studious reporter travel upstate to visit her parents in Vermont.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Karen Page’s father, Dr. Paxton Page, proved to be a villain in the original Daredevil comics, so perhaps the show’s third season will pit the Man Without Fear and/or Karen against Papa Page? Who knows, but feel free to run a fine-tooth comb over those aforementioned set photos down below.

If nothing else, this change in location will bring some variety to Daredevil, which often spends most of its time in the back alleys of Hell’s Kitchen. Besides, Karen Page enjoyed a pretty substantial role in The Punisher, where she aided Frank Castle in his quest for truth, so we’re hoping for a similarly robust arc here.

The third season of Marvel’s Daredevil has yet to settle on an official release window – all we know is that filming continues on the streets of New York City and Vermont, where we will presumably be introduced to the wider Page family.

Elsewhere on the Marvel/Netflix slate is Luke Cage season 2, which promises to deliver a darker story (and a lot more fighting!) on June 22nd.