Is This Our First Major Story Clue For Daredevil Season 3?


Even if The Defenders struggled to retain a steady viewership two months ago – analysts deemed it to be the least-watched Marvel/Netflix series yet – those four street-level heroes are all gearing up for another round of standalone stories.

Top of the pile is Jessica Jones, given Melissa Rosenberg and Co. wrapped filming on season 2 late last month. Luke Cage is also back on the streets of Harlem, and we’ve already caught a glimpse of Misty Knight’s bionic arm. Meanwhile, Iron Fist, the second pillar of Marvel’s beloved Heroes For Hire, is also ready to enter production, what with Finn Jones currently training for another spell as the illustrious Danny Rand.

That leaves Daredevil (AKA The Man Without Fear), which is seemingly all set to adapt the famous “Born Again” comic book storyline by Frank Miller. Last we checked in on Matt Murdock, he was recovering in some form of orphanage, and has presumably be placed in the care of Sister Maggie. Word is Elektra was the one who pulled Daredevil from the wreckage of Midland Circle, but you can file that one in the rumor cabinet for now.

Speaking of which, CBM has spotted a rather intriguing Tweet from the show’s official account, which all but confirms that Daredevil season 3 will begin at a time when the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is presumed dead.

If you’re at all familiar with the Daredevil comics, you’ll know that Matt is no stranger to assuming a new identity in order to protect his close friends and loved ones. However, this is still a slight departure from Miller’s “Born Again” arc, so there’s a good chance Netflix’s writing team will produce their own version when the time comes.

And that’s just it: Daredevil season 3 is still in search of an official release window, though we previously reported that Marvel was preparing to launch that third instalment in 2018, alongside new helpings of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Closer to home, The Punisher is due to arrive before the year’s end.