‘Daredevil’ star responds to hilarious ‘Peacemaker’ crossover idea

Peacemaker debuted on HBO Max last week, and it’s made a big impact on the DC fandom right off the bat. In particular, fans love the one-of-a-kind title sequence, which features John Cena and the rest of the cast dancing to the theme tune. The opening is so instantly iconic that folks are imagining what it would be like if other superhero series kicked off the same way. What about a much darker show doing the same thing? Maybe Marvel’s Daredevil?

One fan actually pitched this idea to writer/director James Gunn on Twitter, and the Peacemaker showrunner liked the sound of it. “I wanna see them do the Peacemaker intro,” said the fan, indicating a promo pic of Charlie Cox and the Daredevil cast. Gunn responded by tagging Deborah Ann Woll (who played Karen Page) into the conversation, asking her “you in?”

Brilliantly, Woll replied to Gunn’s tweet and implied that she’s definitely in, by responding with a GIF of Kevin Bacon in Footloose. That is a pretty meta GIF to use in this context, given all the references to Bacon and the hit 80s movie in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Well, that’s one Daredevil cast member up for recreating the Peacemaker intro. Somebody get hold of Cox, D’Onofrio and the rest of the gang. Given the return of Matt Murdock and the Kingpin to the MCU over the last couple of months, it’s thought that some kind of Daredevil revival is in the works. So maybe we need to start a petition demanding that the studio make the new show’s titles a dance sequence — set to the epic DD theme music, obviously.

While we wait for more Daredevil (with or without a cast dance-off), new episodes of Peacemaker arrive Thursdays on HBO Max.

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