Daredevil trends again following ‘Hawkeye’ premiere


It’s been almost a week since Charlie Cox’s Daredevil found himself trending on Twitter as fans hedge their bets on his impending return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we were well overdue the Man Without Fear becoming one of the social media sphere’s hottest topics of conversation.

Last time out, the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen was the subject of intense scuttlebutt positing that he was being lined up for no less than four MCU projects; Spider-Man: No Way Home, Echo, She-Hulk and his own solo series. While that still remains entirely in the realms of hearsay for now, Hawkeye premiered yesterday, so Daredevil was obviously one of the first names on everyone’s lips.

As you can see below, Hawkeye features Maya Lopez’s Echo, who has strong ties to both Daredevil and Kingpin, which was enough to get Matt Murdock’s alter-ego stirring up the conversation.

Is Daredevil going to appear in Hawkeye? Almost certainly not, but that doesn’t mean Cox isn’t in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Echo or She-Hulk. That doesn’t mean that he is, either, but some clarity would be nice so we can finally put the speculation to bed, which should hopefully be coming around December 15.