Daredevil Will Be Forced To Shake His Lone Wolf Status Going Into The Defenders, Says Charlie Cox


All throughout the inaugural season of Daredevil, Netflix subscribers got to know Matt Murdock as the one-man vigilante army stalking the back alleys of Hell’s Kitchen, slowly cleaning up the NYC streets one sleazy goon at a time.

That all changed earlier this year when the show’s second season aired, forcing Charlie Cox’s lawyer-by-day, vigilante-by-night to side with Elodie Yung’s former flame Elektra and, at times, The Punisher, brought to life in a wonderful, and slightly terrifying fashion by Jon Bernthal.


Looking further afield, there’s no mention of a Daredevil season 3 just yet considering Netflix and Marvel’s bustling slate, though Cox himself recently revealed that The Defenders ensemble series will leap into production in late 2016. But in order for Matt Murdock to become a team player, he’ll need to shake his lone wolf status.

While speaking to Empire, the actor dropped some new details relating to Marvel’s small screen team, proving that, after his gruelling encounter with The Hand, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen can no longer survive as a one-man reign of terror.

“He can’t do this alone,” Cox stressed of Murdock’s season two arc. “He’s been so adamant about being a lone wolf, about doing it himself, so I think that in order for him to get to The Defenders we needed this second season. We needed to see him be broken individually so that he can – he’s willing to form a team. The lesson that Matt has had to learn in the second season of Daredevil is that he needs help.”

As the first show to jump-start Marvel’s small-screen universe, expect Daredevil to become an important fixture in The Defenders lineup. Before that, though, fans can look forward to Luke Cage making its bow on September 30 while Iron Fist, having recently cast David Wenham, is set to begin filming some time this month.

Source: Empire