David S. Goyer Is Developing A TV Series About Krypton


Gotham may have gotten off to a rocky start, but the series is finally finding its footing and has garnered quite an audience, which has seemingly given Warner Brothers confidence in exploring the pre-origin story of yet another iconic character. This time, the studio is opting to leave Earth altogether and head to another planet: Krypton, the homeworld of Superman.

According to Bleeding CoolMan of Steel scribe David S. Goyer is developing Krypton, which, as the name suggests, will be a pre-Superman drama set on the planet before it goes ka-boom. Unfortunately, no other details were given, so the series could explore any number of storylines and time periods. Man of Steel‘s extended prologue sequence gave us our best live-action glimpse at Krypton to date, yet still barely scratched the surface of the storylines and characters that could be explored.

We frankly know very little about Superman’s homeworld, outside of his parents’ role in trying to stop its destruction and the fact that their warning signs were ignored until it was too late. A Krypton TV series could easily focus on the house of El, explore Jor-El’s relationship with Zod, outline the creation of Brainiac, dive deeper into the planet’s politics and what it was like there day-to-day, or focus on a new group of characters altogether. Unlike Gotham, there’s a chance here for more creative freedom and to create a whole new mythology within the DC Comics universe.

Of course, we also have no idea if the series will tie into the events of Man of Steel, other DC Comics television series, or the upcoming Supergirl TV show, and until we get official confirmation that Krypton is even happening, we’ll just have to wait and imagine the kind of things Goyer has in store for us.

Tell us, would you be interested in seeing a TV series about Superman’s homeworld of Krypton? Or have you had enough prequel exploration with Gotham? Sound off in the comments below.