David Lynch May Not Direct Twin Peaks Season 3


Showtime landed major cult brownie points last year when it announced a return to Twin Peaks. A third season of the ’80s show had been championed for years by fans of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s disturbing drama. It originally aired for two seasons back in the late eighties and early nineties, and briefly re-appeared on the cultural radar when a prequel feature dropped in 1992. Needless to say, after much teasing, the world has been on tenterhooks for what the creative duo has in store for Agent Dale Cooper and co.

Lynch, who has remained suspiciously silent on the show since his initial spate of Tweets, spoke about his return to the Northwest town at the opening of his Between Two Worlds art exhibition. When asked if he was 100% involved, he replied: “I don’t know. There are complications.” No further details were extended, but Frost threw in his two cents by stating that it wasn’t related to funding.

While this comes as rather upsetting news, it’s a bigger surprise than anything else. Last fall when initial announcements were made, it appeared that Lynch and Frost were locked in and driving forward the third series. Both took to Twitter to post teases and hints; so why would they do that if they weren’t confirmed?

Frost went on to further perplex matters in a chat with The Mix:

“I haven’t returned yet and we’re still working on the contract, but I love the world of Twin Peaks and I love those characters. And I think it will be very special to go back into that world.”

From what we previously understood, Lynch was set to direct all nine episodes of the limited series and he and Frost would also write and produce. The latter quote, “I haven’t returned yet,” sounds like shooting just hasn’t begun, while the top quote suggests his involvement is in question. The realm of Twin Peaks was shaped by the unique visual flair of Lynch, whose approach to storytelling is unmistakably his own. If he doesn’t return to the quaint small town… then who do you think might step in?