Twin Peaks Will Return As A Limited Series On Showtime


It IS happening again! What better way to start your autumnal Monday morning than with news of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s seminal whodunnit mystery, Twin Peaks. Like many predicted, the show is slated to return to the small screen in 2016, as Showtime have ordered a limited nine-episode series that’s set to revive the cult classic.

This morning, Lynch and Frost both took to Twitter to drop the news by posting identical Tweets. Included in their messages was a special Twin Peaks announcement video:

Production is set for 2015, so that the finished series will be ready to air in 2016 – exactly 25 years after the second (and final) season ended. The anniversary revival will be written by original creators, Lynch and Frost, who’ll also be directing the new show. The storyline is set to pick up twenty-five years after the events of the second season, which went a little off-the-rails once the big reveal landed. It’s been announced that it will NOT be a reboot, remake or reinvention. Instead, it’s a straight-up third season set in the present day, and the passage of time will be reflected as we return to what’s guaranteed to be a disturbed slice of American life.