David Mazouz Wants More Time With These Villains In Gotham Season 5


To this point, it seems like the producers of Gotham have deliberately kept a number of major villains somewhat distant from Bruce Wayne, most likely in an effort to assure that he doesn’t actually encounter them until he’s become Batman. As such, they often war amongst each other, or are taken down by James Gordon.

If anyone can be labeled as a contemporary for Bruce though, it’d have to be the Valeska twins, Jeremiah and Jerome. On various occasions, these Joker-like siblings have caused nothing but headaches for the young man who would be the Caped Crusader – even if neither are the authentic Clown Prince of Crime themselves.

But with the series now heading into its fifth and final season, actor David Mazouz is keeping his fingers crossed when it comes to which baddies he’d like more screentime with before it’s all said and done, something he discussed openly with Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s two. Penguin and Riddler. Penguin I’ve had two scenes with…two or three, and they’ve been good, but you know, I would love a good arc with him.

“Nygma, I had one scene with and it was like through a glass so like, it doesn’t count. That’s amazing, like four years, eighty-eight episodes so far, we have no scenes two central characters, like how is that possible. We need to fix that.”

Speaking of the Prince of Puzzles, Mazouz had nothing but good things to say about co-star Cory Michael Smith and the character he portrays:

“And also he is, Nygma is my favorite villain. I love his evolution, and Cory’s the nicest guy. He’s one of the most brilliant actors I’ve ever worked with…almost worked with, and I would love to actually have a scene with him.”

I guess we’ll find out if these gentlemen will butt heads once Gotham returns for its fifth season sometime in early 2019 on Fox.