First Look At David Ramsey’s Legends Of Tomorrow Character Revealed

David Ramsey

Following Arrow ending last year, David Ramsey is returning to the Arrowverse this season, with the John Diggle actor set to appear in and direct several episodes of The CW’s roster of DC TV shows. While he’ll be reprising his fan favorite role as Spartan on the likes of The Flash and Superman & Lois, Ramsey was announced to be playing a “mystery” character for his Legends of Tomorrow guest spot.

Naturally, this got fans wondering if the series could finally be where he suits up as Green Lantern, following the major hint that this was his destiny in the Arrow finale. Well, prepare for some disappointment, as it’s now been confirmed that this is not the case. TVLine has revealed our first look at Ramsey’s formerly unknown role in Legends season 6, establishing that he’ll actually be playing a historical figure from the Old West.

While speaking to the outlet, Ramsey acknowledged that the press announcement was a little misleading, and he understands why fans were so convinced of a Lantern connection. However, he clarified that his Legends character is something completely different.

“There was some press that was out there that I’m playing a mystery character on Legends, and from that kind of wording there was an assumption that because obviously Legends has a time ship, and they go through time and space, fans connected that to the Green Lantern Corps…,” Ramsey said. “Also, the last time you saw Diggle, he was on his way to Metropolis and was intercepted by a glowing, green box, so it was a logical step in assuming that…. But on Legends, there’s a different character altogether. It’s a historic character, a historical Western character.”

Now that we’ve seen this image, the most likely identity of Ramsey’s character is Bass Reeves, the real-life first black deputy marshal west of the Mississippi River. Reeves already has some DC pedigree, as he was an inspiration for the character of Will Reeves AKA Hooded Justice in HBO’s Watchmen TV series.

Ramsey’s return to the Arrowverse kicks off with next week’s installment of Superman & Lois (airing May 25th), but tell us, are you looking forward to seeing him on Legends of Tomorrow? As always, let us know in the comments section down below.