David Tennant Says He May Return For Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary


Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor,” was a humongous treat for fans when it arrived back in 2013. Not only did it serve up an all-new incarnation of the Time Lord, as played by the late, great John Hurt, but it also brought back David Tennant opposite then current Doctor Matt Smith. Even since, Tenth Doctor lovers have been crying out for the fan favourite actor to come back once again. But will he?

While attending Wizard World Cleveland, Tennant was asked by a fan about the chance of him returning for another multi-Doctor episode. Ever the Whovian, the actor admitted that he finds them “exciting” but warned that they shouldn’t be done too often. However, he did suggest he’d be willing to pick up his sonic screwdriver again for the show’s 60th anniversary.

 “They are exciting those episodes, but I think you have to be careful not to do them too often. They have to be a novelty. The 50th was a great thing to be a part of. When’s the 60th? Will we still be upright? Maybe then.”

David Tennant Doctor Who

Now that Tennant’s got the ball rolling, what other Doctors can we put down as “maybes” for this imagined 60th anniversary special of Doctor Who? Well, Matt Smith has said before that he would be perfectly happy to return to the series that made his name, even suggesting that he would like to team up with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

Peter Capaldi, on the other hand, has admitted he doesn’t think he’ll come back “for a while,” as he feels that “when you should go, you should go.” Likewise, we imagine Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston will continue his dissociation with the show that he’s upheld since 2005.

But hey, we’re still down for that special starring Tennant, Smith and possibly Whittaker. And there’s only half a decade to go until it could possibly happen. In the meantime, Doctor Who season 11 arrives this October.