David Tennant Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Doctor Who Season 11


Despite not having stepped into a TARDIS since 2013’s 50th anniversary spectacular “The Day of the Doctor,” Tenth Doctor David Tennant knows better than most what’s going on behind the scenes of the much anticipated upcoming season of Doctor Who.

Not only is this the debut of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, the first female incarnation of the character, but it’s also the first season under new showrunner Chris Chibnall, who takes the reins from Steven Moffat after his lengthy tenure as master of all things Who.

Of course, it goes without saying that Tennant is one of the most popular Doctors ever (and is even married to a former Doctor’s daughter), but he’s got a strong relationship with Chibnall and Whittaker as well due to his years working with them on the award winning Broadchurch. As such, it makes sense that he’s been in touch with both of them throughout production on season 11 of Who and apparently, he’s only heard positive things about what’s to come later this year.

Speaking at Canada’s Wizard World, alongside Billie Piper, he said:

“When we were doing the last season of Broadchurch, Chris was beginning work on Doctor Who, and working with writers. I know he’s bringing in lots of writers who’ve not worked on the show before. I think he’s looking for some fresh energies and new eyes on it. He got some amazing people working on the show, that’ll be exciting. Chris himself has loved Doctor Who his entire life.”

Piper has had less involvement behind the scenes since she left the show, but said she’d recently met Chibnall for the first time and that he was “really, really upbeat” about how production was going. Tennant agreed with that sentiment, too, saying:

“Yeah, he’s very excited about it, and the times I’ve spoken to Chris and Jodie when they’ve been making the show, which hasn’t been a lot, but a couple of times, they’ve just been, both of them have been so… upbeat is exactly the word. They’re so chuffed with it and having such a good time. I can only imagine that will show on screen,” he concluded. “I think it’s a show you can have a really good time making. We certainly did! So I’m sure they will bring it home.”

Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who and the previous Doctors

Longtime fans of the show will know that former Doctors don’t tend to permanently exit the series – every decade or so they’ll mark an important anniversary by doing a special multi-Doctor episode. Tennant’s previously been enthusiastic about the idea, too, so perhaps we’ll get to see him back in the snazzy suit, Converse and waving his sonic screwdriver alongside Whittaker’s ‘upbeat’ new Doctor sooner than we think?

In the meantime, we can all look forward to when Doctor Who returns to BBC Worldwide this autumn.