David Tennant Teases Secret Doctor Who References In Good Omens


Amazon Prime’s Good Omens lands tomorrow on the streaming service, delivering six episodes of fun-loving fantasy for folks to enjoy. In particular, Doctor Who fans mourning the lack of a twelfth season of the sci-fi show this year will want to catch it. Not only does former Time Lord David Tennant star, but it’s written by Neil Gaiman – who penned two episodes featuring Matt Smith’s Doctor – and helmed by frequent Who director Douglas McKinnon.

The creative team behind the apocalypse-themed comedy-drama definitely gives it a Who flavor, then, but it actually goes deeper than that. Tennant spoke to RadioTimes.com recently and revealed that there may be a reference or two to Doctor Who in Good Omens, but viewers will have to look hard for them.

“There is a Doctor Who reference that you can catch on screen. You might need to use your pause button but it’s definitely in there. It was something that I think Douglas MacKinnon got on set. It’s in Crowley’s apartment. There’s a little reference. Oh and there’s the numberplate on the car as well. But no Daleks!”

In fact, the Doctor’s arch-enemies the Daleks do make an appearance in the original novel by Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett that the TV series is based on, but we suppose securing the rights for an on-screen cameo would have been too problematic, so they didn’t make it in. Still, Whovians should look forward to finding out what the sneaky easter eggs are.

And then, of course, there’s the cast. Good Omens is bulging with awesome guest spots and walk-on parts, with many of the supporting actors having appeared in Doctor Who over the years. Even Tennant’s co-star Michael Sheen previously had a voiceover role on the show.

 “We’ve all worked on Who! The episode that Neil wrote, I am the voice of House [the ep’s villain] in The Doctor’s Wife.”

The end of the world starts tomorrow when Good Omens hits Amazon Prime.